The Health NGOs’ Network (HENNET) was founded in 2005 by 7 Health CSOs comprising both NGOs and FBO members and was registered in 2007 as an NGO by the NGOs Coordination Board with the goal of coordinating and networking the CSOs in the health sector.

HENNET has a membership of over 100 members as of 2020 which comprises both local and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), and Research Institutions working in all the 47 Counties in Kenya but all focused on health and health-related issues.

HENNET is governed by a Board of Directors with an executive committee as defined by the network’s constitution. 

Focus Areas!

HENNETs works at strengthening its external and
domestic resource mobilization capacity by focusing on these areas:

Policy Engagement, Evidence Generation and Advocacy

Networking and Collaboration of Health CSOs

Growth and sustenance of Health CSOs

Development of strategic partnerships and alliances



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