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The Health NGOs Network (HENNET) was founded in 2005 and registered in 2007 as an NGO by the NGOs Coordination Board with a goal of coordinating and networking the CSOs in the health sector. There was as felt need among the players that a common platform among the CSOs dealing with health issues in Kenya was necessary for purposes of collaboration, sharing of experiences and advocacy and hence the formation of HENNET.


HENNET has a membership of over 100 members as of 2020 which comprises of both local and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and Research Institutions working in all the 47 Counties in Kenya but all focused on health and health related issues. The various members have diverse health-related interests but all share on the vision of having a healthy Kenyan society.


HENNET is governed by a Board of Directors with an executive committee as defined by the network’s constitution. The board monitors and evaluates functions of HENNET based on its objectives as spelt out in the strategic plan. HENNET’s Secretariat provides the organizational and managerial support needed for implementing the network’s strategic plan.



Under Line

As a network we promote civil society’s roles and engagements to transform Kenya’s health sector.

Our Vision


Under Line

A healthy and empowered Kenyan society.

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Under Line


We are open to different views and experiences, that drive relevant and effective engagement and address of needs.


We are committed to doing the right thing, the right way and for the right reasons, at all times and in all circumstances.

Transparency and Accountability

We are keen to operate and communicate, both internally and externally in honesty and respect, to keep abreast with high standards of integrity and responsibility.


We are committed to the adoption of new ideas and approaches, to propel the organization to new heights of excellence.


We believe in collaborative efforts for a success in the pursuit of the health agenda.


We take seriously, the socio-economic and political impact of our actions, and the prudent use of limited resources to deliver a long-term balance between resources and needs to a healthy society.


We have the capacity and ability to adapt to changes, embrace opportunities and learn.



Under Line
  1. Articulate health needs and promote efficient and effective allocation of health resources at national and county levels.
  2. Share knowledge, skills, research findings, information, best practices and lessons learnt among NGOs, government and private health care providers.
  3. Articulate and address challenges and constraints affecting health NGOs, government and private health providers.
  4. Support health NGOs in their advocacy role in critical issues affecting the health of Kenyans.
  5. Coordinate NGOs health activities so that they are in line with relevant National health policies and procedures.
  6. Actively engage members to participate in development and implementation of national and county health plans and policies.
  7. Build alliances with other health networks at both county, national and international levels.
  8. Build capacity of the Network’s members in areas of need.
  9. Mobilize resources for HENNET Secretariat.

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