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  1. This form is to be completed by organizations (NGOs, FBOs or Networks) whose core mandate is health. Kindly tick  your  key priority intervention  areas  in  the  attached categorization table.
  2. Must have a record of active presence in Kenya for at least 3 years.
  3. Must be free from any corruption issues.
  4. Must agree to be bound by the HENNET constitution.
  5. HENNET members are expected to regularly participate in meetings.
  6. Attempt to ensure continuity by having a maximum of 2 persons (if involved in the governance structure of HENNET) in one year acting as representatives of their organization to HENNET forums.
  7. A copy of the application form must therefore be accompanied by;
  • Organization’s constitution or any other equivalent governance document.
  • The organization’s latest Annual progress report.1
  • Latest audited report.

8.HENNET is a signatory to the attached Kenya Health Code of Conduct (CoC) on behalf of its registered member organizations.

9. Final decision to HENNET admission lies with the HENNET Steering committee, based on the evaluation of a, b c and d above.

10. Approval will take 14 days upon payment of the subscription and registration fees. Once approved by the Steering committee, a one-time registration fee of K 30,000 (for both National and International organization) and an annual Subscription fee of Ksh. 30,000 for National organizations and International organizations is required. The fee is payable by cheque to “HENNET NIC BANK ACCOUNT; A/C No 1001174181; MALL BRANCH;”. Annual subscription fees will be renewed each October.

1Or its equivalent detailing the progress of the organizational activities for the year.

2 Recommendation must come from a HENNET member, if not known, then contact the secretariat

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Or you can download this form by clicking  Membership Registration Form Revised 2016

Health NGOS’ Network (hennet) Application Form

4.0 Programmatic information